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The Idlewild Soak Zone, commonly known as Idle Wilders Park or simply Idle Wilders, is a public park in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA, highlands. The park is located on US Route 30, also known in Pennsylvania as the Lincoln Highway, which was built in 1913 as part of the Lincoln Highway, which stretched from Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco.

For almost twenty years, the Latrobe - Ligonier railway company carried out the works on the railway line, renewed and carried out the lease for the line from 1866 to 1869. The line was purchased by West Penn Railways, which eventually connected it to its Greensborg-Uniontown network, which ran from Youngstown to Pleasant Unity. In September 2006, the City Brewing Company agreed to buy the brewery and licensed it to the Boston Beer Company as a satellite brewery to produce Samuel Adams beer.

In the early years, a circular swing and a miniature whip coaster were built in the park, but in the 1990s, only the Wild Mouse roller coaster, designed by the Dutch company Vekoma, was added. Kennywood continues to provide generous entertainment with a variety of rides and attractions, as well as a wide range of food and beverages.

In 1983, the park was bought by the Kennywood Entertainment Company, which continued to expand, including an attraction designed and built by Fred Rogers based on the popular children's television show "Kennywood" and a ride on a wire donkey. The roller coaster was built in 1985, opened in Idlewild in 1993 and operates in the same location as the original park and other locations throughout the state. In the 1990s, it was expanded again, adding a new roller coaster, the "Wild Mouse," based on the famous cartoon character from the 1950s and 1960s.

Make - Believe, "a legend of the draisines based on the legends of the draisins and the opportunity to ride a real draisine team for the first time in the park's history at the age of 11.

The park is located in the Laurel Highlands region of Pennsylvania, north of Laurel Highlands National Park and west of the Allegheny Mountains and Highlands of West Virginia.

If you're looking for other great activities in the area, visit Bushy's Run network of trails and other hiking and cycling trails, or if you want to see history come alive, visit some of the forts and walk the Bushy. All are within walking distance and offer an ideal setting for wildlife viewing and outdoor adventures.

If you want to make a day of it by finding a Christmas tree, travel to the Flemings Indiana, PA region. Enjoy a traditional story, get a ticket to Twas the Night and enjoy the traditional stories in a fun and festive setting.

The village is operated by the Westmoreland County Historical Society and is located on the grounds of County Parkland. It includes a relocated log cabin and a reconstructed Revolutionary War fortress. In the park there are a number of historical buildings, such as the Old Courthouse and the Old Courthouse, as well as a museum.

It focuses on the landscape and cityscapes of southwestern PA, with an emphasis on Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and its history, culture and culture.

Located in the Archibald Lochry Blockhouse, this colonial garden houses a variety of plants that have been used and would have thrived in the colonial areas of western Pennsylvania.

The Westmoreland County Railway Company connected Latrobe with Derry, which operated from 1904 to 1932, and Pennsylvania Railroad built a station in 1903. The partially built railroad was sold in 1932 on behalf of the sheriff after Pennsylvania Railroad, the terminus of the Latrobe line, refused to accept financial responsibility. Further research has uncovered and negated the connection between the station and its connection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which opened in Canton in 1963. Latrorobe, on the city's border, has a population of about 1.5 million and is home to the University of Pennsylvania football team and a number of other sports teams.

The Ligonier Valley Railroad was purchased by a retired judge at auction and the company expanded rapidly, adding rides, including the Philadelphia Toboggan Company's 1938 Rollo Coaster, one of the earliest. The family that owned the park acquired other family businesses that owned and operated parks in the late 1930s and early 1940s as part of its expansion.

In addition, the picturesque Idlewild SoakZone in nearby Ligonier, which covers 40 hectares of family fun, was named the best theme park in the world for children in 2010. Since the late 19th century, the park has offered roller coasters, water slides, a water park, fishing at Loyalhanna Creek and an ice rink.

The park was founded in 1878 by the famous Mellon family and has been family owned for over 100 years. The park's niche area, the Raccoon Lagoon, was opened in 1954 in a different location, but expanded in 1959. Games and events in the Scottish Highlands were founded in 1959 by William Lewis Mellon and his son John. It is located at the foot of Laurel Ridge and the region that surrounds it is the Laurel Highlands.

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