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If you are passionate about the automotive industry and want to have the opportunity to work in Greensborg at its best, apply here. Nissan dealers invite drivers to view the new Nissan GT-R, Nissan Leaf and Nissan XRX, as well as other Nissan models. Please submit your CV, cover letter, driving licence, application form and other relevant information by 15 December 2020.

We are looking for team - oriented people who want to be part of a great organisation and would like to be part of the team. If you are interested in a full-time position in the healthcare industry or a clinic on site, we would be pleased if you join our team! We welcome all our patients and visitors, welcome them kindly, answer questions and guide them through the registration process. We would be pleased to receive your help with questions or questions about the clinic or our services.

The ideal candidate will have a background in an educational field characterised by a high level of communication skills and the ability to work together. Applicants should have a strong understanding of the importance of teamwork, communication and collaboration in the healthcare industry. They should also have the ability and willingness to cooperate and cooperate with others.

In a challenging environment, you will work to achieve your goals by working closely together both as a team and on your own. You will be recognized and rewarded for working in an environment that challenges you, gives you a clear direction on what it takes to succeed in your role, and allows you to develop other roles that may interest you. If you have any questions about salary, benefits or culture, please contact us.

For financial professionals, we offer amazing training opportunities covering a wide range of topics, including finance, accounting, financial management and financial planning. We offer potential service professionals the opportunity to work as salesmen at Nissan dealerships in the US and Canada, as well as in other countries around the world. And we love to prepare Nissan's training program for the showroom floor.

As a receptionist assistant, you are responsible for greeting patients, activating medical records and assisting medical staff. A successful assistant will have the opportunity to work in a variety of roles, from managing the company to administrative and administrative positions. Start by ensuring the well-being of your patients and create a positive and supportive environment for them and other staff! In this sense, we hope to add you to our pool of qualified applicants and work with you full-time in the coming months.

Join our elite team and become a member of the team at LATROBE Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA for a full-time position. Become part of - the - elite - team with us as a receptionist at a high-level medical center in Pennsylvania.

An energetic and friendly assistant at the reception is crucial for providing high quality care and creating success in our center. Our medical center in the neighborhood is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help our patients get healthy and get what they really care about - quality health care. We are open day and night at LATROBE Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA, for a full-time position with our elite front desk team to help our patients become healthier, get their health insurance coverage and get them to their next appointment, which is really critical to the quality of care we provide.

OptumCare provides administrative and business support services for its own and affiliated medical practices, which are part of OptumsCare. We offer a wide range of services including primary care, family medicine, behavioral medicine, mental health and substance abuse. In addition, we provide administrative, business and support services to our own medical practice, which is part of and / or associated with OptUMCare, and a number of other healthcare providers in the United States and abroad. Our Philadelphia, PA medical center, for a full-time position at LATROBE Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provides a wide range of health insurance coverage and services to our patients and their families, including preventive and long-term care.

Saint Vincent College is committed to building a diverse and competent population of teachers and staff and to promoting applications from women and minorities.

Saint Vincent is guided by the spirit of the Benedictine monk, who considers one of his central values to be the formation of a diverse community of students united by a common goal of individual growth. The College seeks to build on its strengths by offering innovative programs that contribute to the mission of Saint Vincent College in the areas of education, research and community service. Faculty cohorts would join existing collegiate faculties to drive key strategic initiatives, participate in peer mentoring and form specialized working groups. This position requires that the incumbent can assume fully the role of faculty member in the College, its mission and mission.